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What's new and changed on CodePaste.NET

Version 1.20

January 20th, 2014

New Code Syntax Display

Switched to Ace Editor to support more syntax languages to display for code snippets.

Syntax Theme Selection for registered Users

Registered users can now select a theme for their code views when logged in. Any of Ace Editors themes plus a default Visual Studio like theme are available.

Syntax Highlighting for Code Input and Editing

You now get syntax coloring for code input when entering new snippets. You also can now live edit any of your own code snippet with live syntax coloring as you type again thanks to Ace Editor.

Updated UI Performance Improvements

The UI backend has been switched for improved performance. Minor UI tweaks in the process.

Improved Mobile display support

Switched to responsive design for the display in order to display better on small width devices. Currently views work well with tablet displays. Phone display is still messy but we'll get that rolling in the next rev.

Version 1.10

April 15th, 2013

Added Favorites

You can now mark snippets as favorites for later reading or simple tracking of useful snippets if you are logged in.

Fixed several performance issues

Fixed a serious hanging connection issue that caused connections to overflow the connection pool. Fixed and drastically improved perf as a result.

Version 1.08

August 20th, 2012

Updated CodeSnippet Copying

Made the copy and edit operation buttons more visible so it's more obvious for people to find and copy code in plain text.

UI Updates

Cleaned up the various toolbars and icons for a crisper look and more concise menu options.

Report Abuses notifications

Added additional notifications for Report Abuses clicks so that they can be removed more easily. Also added additional logic for potential spam blocking (ongoing).

Version 1.07

May 22nd, 2012

Snippet Views by Author no longer counted

The snippet view count now excludes views by the snippet author who is likely to check back onto snippets from time to time for comments and related tasks that end up skewing the snippet view count.

Copying Code Snippets to Clipboard

Copying a code snippet to the clipboard no longer uses a Flash component due to various browser issues and inconsistencies. Instead you now get an edit view with the content pre-selected. You do need to press Ctrl-C to copy the content after which the edit view is released and the snippet view restored.

Version 1.05

Nov. 30th, 2011

Tweet this Code Snippet

You can now tweet a new code snippet using a new button on the code snippet toolbar. The twitter icon redirects to the site and sends a tweet that embeds the name of the snippet, the URL and hashtag for potential searching of the content.

Version 1.03

Dec. 26th, 2010

Miscellaneous fixed to HTML and ASP.NET rendering

Fixed a number of syntax coloring issues in the ASP.NET and C# code rendering: Properly handle <%= expressions %> without line breaks. Fix problem with multiple script tags in page. Fix string constant formatting issues.

Update FoxPro Syntax Parsing

Various fixes to the FoxPro syntax color highlighting functionality. Now properly handles pre-compiler directives and string constant formatting. Also fixed various comment parsing issues (specifically && comments).

Fix various Code Snippet Posting issues in the SOAP Web Service

Fixed issue where posted snippets through the SOAP service would lose their author information. Fixed issue that caused snippets to not return comments correctly for a snippet.
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