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Language: csharp

WinRT Base64 in/out

// using System.Runtime.InteropServices.WindowsRuntime; private async Task<string> ToBase64(Image control) { var bitmap = new RenderTargetBitmap(); await bitmap.RenderAsync(control); return await ToBase64(bitmap); } private async Task<string> ToBase64(WriteableBitmap bitmap) { var bytes = bitmap.PixelBuffer.ToArray(); return await ToBase64(bytes, (uint)bitmap.PixelWidth, (uint)bitmap.PixelHeight); } private async Task<string> ToBase64(StorageFile bitmap) { var stream = await bitmap.OpenAsync(Windows.Storage.FileAccessMode.Read); var decoder = await BitmapDecoder.CreateAsync(stream); var pixels = await decoder.GetPixelDataAsync(); var bytes = pixels.DetachPixelData(); return await ToBase64(bytes, (uint)decoder.PixelWidth, (uint)decoder.PixelHeight, decoder.DpiX, decoder.DpiY); } private async Task<string> ToBase64(RenderTargetBitmap bitmap) { var bytes = (await bitmap.GetPixelsAsync()).ToArray(); return await ToBase64(bytes, (uint)bitmap.PixelWidth, (uint)bitmap.PixelHeight); } private async Task<string> ToBase64(byte[] image, uint height, uint width, double dpiX = 96, double dpiY = 96) { // encode image var encoded = new InMemoryRandomAccessStream(); var encoder = await BitmapEncoder.CreateAsync(BitmapEncoder.PngEncoderId, encoded); encoder.SetPixelData(BitmapPixelFormat.Bgra8, BitmapAlphaMode.Straight, height, width, dpiX, dpiY, image); await encoder.FlushAsync(); encoded.Seek(0); // read bytes var bytes = new byte[encoded.Size]; await encoded.AsStream().ReadAsync(bytes, 0, bytes.Length); // create base64 return Convert.ToBase64String(bytes); } private async Task<ImageSource> FromBase64(string base64) { // read stream var bytes = Convert.FromBase64String(base64); var image = bytes.AsBuffer().AsStream().AsRandomAccessStream(); // decode image var decoder = await BitmapDecoder.CreateAsync(image); image.Seek(0); // create bitmap var output = new WriteableBitmap((int)decoder.PixelHeight, (int)decoder.PixelWidth); await output.SetSourceAsync(image); return output; }
by Jerry Nixon
  November 24, 2014 @ 7:58am
Wow, this took longer than I expected to figure out.
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