Why your small business should invest in IT support

As a small business,  you may think that IT support is a necessary evil for your business, but cities all over the country are full of small businesses who rely on their systems running smoothly and efficiently so that they can offer the best possible service to their customers.

IT is often a secondary concern to businesses that have just pushed through the start-up years. IT Support is often viewed as a costly investment, but proactive and strategically aligned IT support is vital for businesses that want to minimise their chances of coming under threat from system crashes, cyber security threats or wasted effort and downtime.

Obtaining the best IT support keeps employees doing what they are being paid to do, rather than trying to fix any tech issues.  Here are a few reasons why you should invest in IT support from a fully managed service provider:

  1. Keeps your business productive

Trying to solve technical problems related to your business can take up a great deal of employee time. With experts dedicated to ensuring that your computers, phone lines and printers are running properly, your business can keep productivity levels at it’s best whilst your provider fixes any issues that arise.

  1. Adaptable and expert service

Ultimately, everyone’s needs are different, and this is the same within a business. A well-established IT support company will be able to tailor their services to suit your business and will be able to work alongside your team to identify any specific technology needs.

Not only this, but IT solutions for computer software, hardware, and more recent innovations can be difficult to understand unless you’re a certified IT technician. A provider can provide you with the necessary expertise to make sure you are taking steps that are right for your business need.

  1. Increased security

Security can be a big problem for many small businesses, and this is largely because hackers know that most companies of this size won’t have tough security measures. Being up-to-date with security measures should be a big priority no matter the size of your business.According to a report from Hiscox Group, a small business in the UK are targeted by cyber-crime every 19 seconds – that’s 65,000 attempts every single day. As a small business owner, IT support is an absolute necessity if you want to stay productive and grow your company.
If you are a small business looking for IT support in Bristol and the surrounding area, then Netitude are the perfect solution. They offer a range of services and IT support to businesses in Bristol and the South West. Contact them today to discuss how they could help secure your business.

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