4 things to look for while choosing a cloud hosting provider

Cloud hosting is one of those applications of cloud that is being adopted by most of the businesses on a very scale. Nowadays, all the businesses that are using software based solution have either already move to the cloud hosting solution or planning to do so.  Cloud hosting solutions like QuicBooks hosting are surely a magic wand for businesses as it breaks the chain of limitations imposed by traditional method of using software and this is one of the main reasons why cloud is gaining so much popularity. There are many benefits offered by cloud hosting solution like anywhere, anytime access, high uptime, enhanced security, increased productivity, scalability, flexibility, disaster recovery and backup.

But if you are planning to move to the cloud solution then you will have to first choose a cloud hosting provider. The cloud hosting provider will install the license of your software on its cloud server and then by providing you an RDP, they will give you access to the cloud based software. But because of the increasing popularity of cloud hosting, the number of cloud hosting providers has also increased and this is what makes it difficult to choose the right cloud provider. Well, in this blog post, we are going to talk about the top 4 things that need to look for while choosing a cloud hosting provider so that you can make the best selection.


You should never ignore the price offered by the cloud hosting provider if you are looking forward to chose the best cloud hosting provider in the market. There are many cloud hosting providers that offer different price for the same cloud hosting service and this is why it become necessary to analyze the market in order to choose the best one. You should know that cloud hosting is an economical solution and if you are not able to find an affordable deal then you surely are not going to take advantage of the cloud platform.


Hosted on virtualized servers, your application or website is more flexible and scalable due to the cloud infrastructure. However, if your application is not a stand-alone installation or an easy-to-deploy tool, then you may end up spending more on cloud hosting than your budget allows. In cases such as this, containerization software like Docker can provide you with some relief. To learn about Docker and how it can help, you can check out the various cloud hosting providers known for providing a similar set-up. Linode happens to be one of the more popular choices among all other cloud hosting services.


In addition to the price, you should also look for the security provided by the cloud provider. You should know that data is one of the most important assets for any business and you should never compromise with its security. If you are going to choose a cloud hosting provider then it means that you are going to be dependent upon them for the safety of your data. You should check both virtual and physical level of security provided by your cloud hosting provider in order to make sure that you data stays in an ultra-secure zone. By doing so, instead of agonizing over how to make your data safe, you will be able to focus on other important aspects of your business.


Most of the small businesses that use the traditional method suffer with the problem of downtime and this is why they move to cloud. It is very important to know that cloud hosting provider offer 99.95% of high uptime but that is not applicable for all the QuickBooks cloud hosting provider. If even after moving to the cloud platform, you are suffering with downtime then it becomes important to analyze whether the third party vendor that you are working with is good for you or not. If the cloud provider is not able to provide you high uptime then you should quickly change your third party vendor and opt for another cloud provider that offers high uptime.


Another important thing to look for while choosing cloud hosting provider is their experience. It will always be a better idea to work with experienced cloud hosting providers instead of inexperienced ones. An experienced cloud hosting provider will be aware about the various types of situations and issues that can arise in the service and they even have the perfect solutions for dealing with these kind of issues. So, if you are going to choose cloud hosting provider then you should look for their experience which is clearly mentioned on their website. But if it is not mentioned on their website then you can directly ask them about it.

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