About Me

Code-what? Welcome to CodePaste, which just by the way is merely my hacker name, and by “hacker” I mean someone with a technical background who uses her technical skills to solve problems and come up with solutions, not the kind of malicious, green-text rapid-typing hacker you would see in a Hollywood Blockbuster!

Why CodePaste?

Basically I’m what you would call a purist, and I think based on my nickname alone you can tell that I’m kind of a geek, so you can bet your bottom Bitcoin that I know how to code. It’s HOW I code however, to which my name is an ode.

I believe in clean code which although extensively commented for extensibility and collaboration with other coders, is as minimalist as possible. I believe in re usability of code and if I’m to get a little more technical for just a little bit – I wholeheartedly believe in the Object-Oriented approach to writing software code (Object Oriented Programming or OOP). What that basically means is that you write a piece of code by way of a function and then you “call up” that function whenever you need to re-use it, simply adding to it the variable data (the parameters), instead of having to re-write the code again and again.

I apologise for perhaps getting too technical, but I had to get just a little bit deep into it so that you totally understand where the name comes from. It’s important…Everything is important…

So now you know where the name comes from – my borderline compulsive obsession with “cleaning up” tech processes to optimise performance, and this goes way beyond my coding exploits. It’s not just my fellow coding buddies who are impressed by my ability to write procedures they write over multiple pages in less than one page, but rather an encompassing of a desire to tune things up so that they run at their most efficient level.

About the Blog

So what can you expect to read all about here on CodePaste.net?

Expect all things tech! It’s going to get really deep at times and by no means am I going to be focusing only on that aspect of tech which has to do with programming. In fact I’m probably not going to dive deeper into the programming/coding topic than I have on this here page.

Instead I’m going to be sharing the latest tech news, exploring trends of the tech world, writing up reviews and publishing some special ideas I have.

While the main focus will indeed be technology, believe it or not, but us geeks are mere humans too, so there is indeed life beyond what we see and interact with on our screens as well. So, I’ll definitely be publishing content which transcends the tech world as well and I won’t always be the one to write the content as I believe a problem shared is a problem halved (as is the case when a team of coders are working on something, as opposed to the lone wolf).

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoying the writing!