Finding the Right Web Designer to Handle the Job

The world is saturated with designers of all kinds. From those who are designing business cards to websites, there are endless options in web design services when it comes to price, time, aesthetics, and overall quality offered by commissioned artists. Here are some tips for finding the right web designer for your needs.

  1. Budget

Before you start searching for a web designer, you need to establish how much money you are willing to put into it, and allow yourself some wiggle room in the event that you find someone you feel you must hire, but are a little out of your range. Decide on a company or freelance designer first. For instance, if you are running a pharmaceutical business, you may want to reach out to experts (like WebCitz) who has expertise in this domain. Once you finalize whom you want to hire, check out their budgeting plans. Budget out a range, and commit to yourself that you won’t go a certain amount over it. For example, you may be willing to pay $300 and allot yourself $50 only if you find the absolute perfect designer, but beyond that is established as beyond your means.

  1. View Portfolios

Once you’ve established the price range through budgeting, you can then focus on searching for some web designers who might fit the job description. An initial search can be as simple as using a search engine, but there are other options as well. For example, over the years, people may have sent you their resumes, that they have written themselves or enlisted help through a resume writing company like ARC Resumes ( to get it to the highest standard for them. A resume will include any skills they have, their experience, and references that you can contact for more information about the applicant. Of course, you can also look at the websites of other people in your field. If you see one that you like, you may be able to reach out to find the web designer’s information. Consider some of your favorite websites and why you like them. Ask around in case any of your friends and colleagues have a web designer that they had a great time working with.

  1. Read Reviews and Testimonials

It’s best that you narrow down your options to a dozen or fewer prospects before you start vet their credentials more concisely. Your best tools at this stage are reviews and testimonials pertaining to the designer’s services. Things you want to pay attention to are ease of contact, timeliness, collaboration, and if the quality of the final commissioned site matched the level of quality in their portfolio. Furthermore, make sure the web developer uses licensed logos and images for your website, or else your business may suffer from copyright infringement. In spite of the fact that you can hire a copyright infringement lawyer for assistance, it is advisable to take necessary precautions when using logos and images.

  1. Interview

On that note, if you can have an email or phone exchange with the web designer that you are considering before hiring them, then you will be in the best position to ascertain if they’re the right person for the job. Sometimes it’s clear when talking to someone that they just “get it” and are on the same artistic, creative, or professional wavelength. Other times, it’s clear that the person might be a great artist, but hiring them would bring a lot of headaches. A clear conversation can establish that before anything official is done.

  1. Establish Parameters Before Finalizing the Deal

Have you made the deadline clear to the web designer? Are they able to complete the commission in the allotted time? Is there a clear and contractual agreement about the cost, so that there are no unnecessary surprises? Every aspect of the hiring needs to be crystal-clear before the designer begins working on your website.

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