Gadget Fails of all Time

Gadgets have become a part of our daily lives. In fact, there is a gadget for everything nowadays; from vapors to headsets for online casino games at, there is no denying that gadgets are our new best friends.

However, so many gadgets have been made and we’d rather forget some of them. On this list are some of the gadget fails of all time.

Nintendo Virtual Boy

Virtual reality games were invented a long time ago. In fact, Nintendo released the first VR device for gaming back in 1995. The gadget was known as the Virtual Boy and it came with a lot of flaws. In order to use this gadget, you had to place it on a table top so that you could wrestle with the headset. Many users reported eye strain, as well as headaches. Soon after, Nintendo pulled the plug. Rather play casino games at paripop casino using compatible software.

Sinclair C5

This gadget, the work of Sir Clive Sinclair, was released in January 1985. By August of the same year, production had ceased. It was a trike that was battery powered. In order to ride it, you had to be 14 years and above. In addition, you didn’t require any lisence or insurance in order to ride it. What turned a lot of users off is the fact that it came with no weatherproofing. Moreover, it was not able to handle other terrains, except flat surfaces.

Bandai Pippin Atmark

This was a gaming console from Apple. The gadget was lisenced by Bandai and based on the Apple Mac platform. When it was released back in 1996, it was quite a huge hit among users. This is because it not only was a games console, but it also allowed users to browse the internet. Furthermore, the gadget was used for educational purposes. However, only 100,000 units of this gadget were ever sold. We suspect that people were turned off by the price, as you had to part with $599 in order to have it.

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