How Mailroom Management Software Improves Tenant Satisfaction

With ever-increasing reliance on e-commerce and package delivery services using Dallas trucking companies or similar ones in your vicinity, residential property managers turn to mailroom management software to organize and boost satisfaction for every tenant. Proptech advancements help them handle the current surge in online shopping while boosting their own place in the real estate market. While deliveries have surged due to the Covid-19 pandemic, reopening of high street shops and other retail venues will not cause a slowdown for the supply chain and logistics firms.

Online Shopping Popularity and Parcel Delivery Increases

No matter what statistics you explore, e-commerce continues to grow despite economic struggles caused by pandemic-related shutdowns. According to the World Economic Forum, 2020 saw a 25% increase in online shopping deliveries. Massive online retailer Amazon recorded profits. Postal services around the world indicate a marked upswing in package delivery needs including a 3.7 million parcel per day increase in Germany. Average deliveries per person from 2019 to 2020 have increased drastically and continue to show an upward trajectory.

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Monthly parcel deliveries tick upward during the Covid-19 affected economy. This trend promises to continue in 2021 and beyond. Data from across 34,000 deliveries from Parcel tracker Mailroom Software

While this affects shipping and logistics companies considerably, property owners and managers also need to rethink how they handle deliveries for their tenants.

Benefits of PropTech — Mailroom Management Software

Three challenges exist in handling the ever-increasing number of consumer packages delivered to residential properties: receiving, secure handling, and target notification. Traditional methods may include calling the resident whenever a package arrives and telling them to come to the front desk to sign for and receive it. While workplace closures and work at home shifts facilitated this in the early days of Covid 19 restrictions, as most were home to instantly collect deliveries, it is no longer a viable option. This has resulted in parcel pileups at the reception, tenants forgetting to collect packages, and eventually parcel loss.

Furthermore, handling large volumes of deliveries at the reception is time consuming for staff. It takes away from their bandwidth and they are no longer able to focus on value added work and providing the best service for the tenants. As the following chart indicates, processing and identity verification takes far too long with manual package handling.


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Mailroom management software eases every step in the process between the moment when the delivery person puts packages on the front desk and they get into the hands of the intended recipient. 

Paper ledgers and digital spreadsheets are obsolete. They do little to speed up the process or provide comfortable and secure handling of post. On the other hand mailroom management software automates the process as much as possible and puts the control back in the hands of the individual receiving the package. This improves security and convenience for both them and the employee at the front desk or in the mailroom.

Convenience and Speed Equal Improved Tenant Experience

Whenever a person orders a product for delivery, they want to receive it as quickly as possible. The moment it arrives, they feel a surge of happiness and relief that nothing bad happened during the shipping process. We call this the “Christmas Effect”; the joy of getting a package with something in it that makes you happy. Capitalizing on the Christmas effect improves not only their impression of the company they ordered from but also the property that handled the delivery so well.

Professional parcel management and secure delivery are some of the most commonly appreciated amenities according to the Ballymore Group. Lost packages, compromised personal information, and inefficient or delayed delivery cause widespread complaints and frustration. With a mailroom software in place, your residential property will automatically enjoy a boost to overall satisfaction, ratings, and positive word-of-mouth marketing that improves tenant retention and business in the long run.

Article by Arthur

Creators of Parcel Tracker, The AI Powered Mailroom Software

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