How to Save Money on Your Next Purchase At Gamestop

You know what they say – all good things must come to an end. And so it seems to go with technology. Whether you’re looking to replace your laptop because it’s outdated or you’re in the market for a new tablet because the old one took a swim in the bathtub, sometimes it feels like a good deal is hard to come by. And that’s unfortunate because according to Business News Daily, the average life span of a laptop is three to five years.

Grab a GameStop Promo Code

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Get Offer – GameStop Promo Code

  1. Click the blue “Get Offer” box.
  2. Click the blue “Activate Offer and Shop Now” box.
  3. Easy peasy! Next, Slickdeals will activate the offer you have selected and take you straight to GameStop’s website so you can complete your order.

Consider a Refurbished Gadget

When you hear the word refurbished what comes to mind? If visions of perfectly good gadgets danced through your head then you’d be right. Sometimes refurbished technology can get a bad rap but typically refurbished just means that the item was returned to the manufacturer so it can no longer be sold as new. Items get returned to the manufacturer for a variety of reasons – sometimes the item had an issue, but many times the consumer just changed their mind on the console and it’s really still in great shape. Whatever the reason, the manufacturer will address any issues with the item and repackage it – boom! Good as new but with a much better price.

Skip the Extended Warranty (A.K.A. Protection Plan)

For those of us that are extra clumsy, an extended warranty might sound like a good idea but according to, an extended warranty on electronics is a waste of money. Because these warranties, which are often referred to as protection plans, are usually limited in scope and time, they rarely pay off. Additionally, the repairs that they would cover are usually less than the expense of the extended warranty. So save your money folks.

Go Go Gadget Savings

Whether you’re shopping for a laptop, tablet, or other gadgets, you have the know-how to save. Just remember:

  • Grab a GameStop Promo Code to maximize savings on technology and electronics from GameStop.
  • Watch out for those extended warranty pushers. Extended warranties are almost never worth it.
  • Be on the lookout for refurbished gadgets. Don’t let the fact that it’s refurbished scare you – you can find some really great deals on like-new items.

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