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Today’s topic will be something that can be really dry, but I will try my best to make it as interesting as possible. Often neglected as compared to the other aspects of online casinos such as the games offered and the designs, I think it is something that is really important as it can potentially have an impact on your gameplay as well as your experience. Introducing, the world to real online casino software! Yes, today I will be talking about one of the least discussed topics when it comes to online casinos which is online casino software.

Software is an extremely important feature not only for online maximum casinos but for everything that involves the computer, networks, and connection. It is the building block of all the fun games that you have been seeing today as well as the bedrock of all your payment facilities. Without which, none of these games would have been possible. 

Therefore, we should accord software the respect that it deserves and the best way to do so would be to read this article! I assure you that you will definitely be able to get some valuable takeaways after reading this article! 

Software Companies

There are many online software companies and some of these companies are double-hatting as online casino operators as well. 

This allows these software companies to have the prerogative to launch any new games immediately without the need to go through any third party dealers. Some of the best casino software companies out there include Microgaming, RTG, Vegas Tech, and Playtech. Of course, there are several other companies out there, but those that I have just mentioned are some of the key players in the software industry. Therefore, if you are looking for seriöse online casinos deutschland or in any other place for that matter, you might also want to look at the software they use.

In the subsequent paragraphs, I will be talking about the various software companies and their special features.


I believe that if you are a veteran online casino player, you will definitely have heard of the term Microgaming. With operation history of more than 20 years, the company has been one of the largest creator of online casino games across different websites. 

In 2004, it launched the Microgaming software suite Viper, allowed online casinos to have several enhanced features such as auto play and expanded gaming support. 

Real Time Gaming (RTG)

RTG began its operations in 1998 in Georgia, and focused on high speed playability, sophisticated graphics without compromising on the user-friendly interface. The company constantly adapts and incorporates the latest technology into its gaming designs ensuring that its players have a good experience playing these games. 

One of its more famous features include implementing specific algorithms that help to shorten the latency inherent in an online casino operation. This allow more real-time features which help to enhance the randomness and the possibility of bugs and cheats to happen. 


While this has not been around in the industry as compared to the software companies that were mentioned above, Playtech does provide some novel features to the online casino industry. It largely focuses on developing high quality graphics. 

Therefore, you can be sure to tell the difference between a game developed by Playtech and the online casino software developers out there. It is currently the online software company that support live dealers for table games using webcam, which has helped to boost that immersive experience permitted through the incorporation of virtual reality. 

This has allowed players to experience the tense atmosphere as if in an actual casino from the comforts of their home. This experience is definitely something I advocate for all online casino players to experience for themselves. 


All in all, now that you know the specialisations of the various software companies, it will help you make better and smarter choices the next time you browse through the arsenal of games offered by online casinos. Since you already know what you are looking out for, then the choice is clear for you to sort these games based on their developers. 

For example, if you are looking for live virtual games, then obviously Playtech is the way to go. Ultimately, choosing games developed by reputable software companies are important not only to protect yourself but also to ensure that you have a pleasant and smooth gaming experience.

A poor software company can be pretty malicious, and worse if it contains malware, viruses, and other bugs.  

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