Professional Car Window Tint Installation

What to Expect When You Decide to Upgrade Your Windows

Getting professional-grade window tint is one of the best upgrades that you can make to your vehicle. It’s incredibly inexpensive and easy to get installed, not to mention it provides an immediate boost to your car’s overall look. Beyond the aesthetic factor, professional window tint provides plenty of other benefits that improve your driving experience and save you money. Let’s break these down one-by-one.

#1 – Maintain Cool Temps

If you’ve ever left your car parked outside on a hot, sunny day, then you already know getting into it can be an uncomfortable experience. Cars with no window tint will allow heat to build in the interior, which means it’s going to be boiling hot when you finally get inside. Even if you’re running your A/C at full blast, it’s going to be a hot minute (pun intended) before the car cools off.

The great thing about window tint is that it blocks at least 98% of the sun’s UV rays. All that sunlight is filtered out which means you don’t have to worry as much about stepping into a hot car. Additionally, you won’t have to depend on your A/C unit as much, which directly translates to better fuel economy.

You read that right. Window tint can actually save you money on gas. With fuel prices being north of $4 per gallon in some parts of the country, getting window tint installation is a clever way to conserve your gas budget.

#2 – Increased Privacy and Security

Obviously, getting window tint installed will make it difficult for anyone to see into your vehicle. For those of you who hate making accidental eye contact at stoplights, this upgrade should be right down your alley. More importantly though, window tint obscures the contents of your vehicle.

Why is that important? Because most car thieves make their decision to break into a car after something catches their attention. If you are the type of person who often leaves laptop bags, purses, or other valuable items in the car, window tint will help keep those things obscured from would-be car thieves.

And although we can’t guarantee that window tint will keep someone from breaking into your car, what we can say is that it’s a lot less likely. “Out of sight, out of mind,” as the saying goes.

#3 – Increased Safety

Nobody ever wants to think about getting into a wreck or dealing with a break-in. Both things are a headache to deal with and cause considerable damage to the car. However, should the worst-case scenario happen, you’re much better off with tinted windows.

The reason for this is that window tint film will hold together the glass if it breaks. Rather than dealing with a bunch of broken glass that is harmful to you and your passengers, the glass will be held together by the window film. It’s way easier to clean up and safer for anyone who may be in the car.

#4 – Protects You and Your Interior

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world, and many cases can be directly attributed to sun exposure. Additionally, UV rays can also degrade portions of your car’s interior over time, which directly affect the resale value.

Fortunately, window tint filters out most UV rays from ever entering your vehicle. That means it’s great for your skin and will keep the interior of your car looking good.

How to Get Window Tint Installed

Now that you know all the perks of having window tint, the next step is for you to get it installed. Fortunately, window tint installation is a very common vehicle upgrade that’s performed by several auto shops. Car tinted windows come in several varieties, so once you pick out the style you want, the installation should only take about two to four hours.

When picking out your window tint specialists, make sure you go with a shop that has a high star rating. This lets you know they’re consistently performing quality work. You also should ask the shop if they guarantee their work. If the tint bubbles or warps, you want to have the option to bring the car back in to get it fixed.

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