Smart Bathroom Technologies You Can Use Right Now

When looking at the reasons why people buy homes, technology tends to be really high on the list of desires. This makes a lot of sense since we are talking about millennials as the top homebuyers. According to real estate studies, 77% of younger home buyers now look for smart home innovations. Gadgets are now added in every corner of the home, including your bathroom.

An experienced Tuggeranong plumber talks about the most common smart home technologies that are now added to bathrooms. Many options exist, with the following being the most important ones to remember and even consider right now.

High-Tech Toilets

High-tech toilets are so much more common than they used to be. You can choose out of many different revolutionizing models, there are different types of toilets to suit different people and different bathrooms. Some features that can be added to these toilets include:

  • Lack of cleaning – There are toilets that use temperature-controlled water, automatic dryers and spritzing wands so you do not need paper or hands. These are incredibly common in countries from Asia.
  • Motion sensors – They are usually used to lower and raise toilet lids.
  • Toilet seat warmers
  • LED lights
  • Antimicrobial seats
  • Self-cleaning toilets

Digital Faucets

Using digital faucets is a great thing when you want to conserve some energy and water. These gadgets can include many different things these days, like the following:

  • Touchless technology.
  • Digital temperature control.
  • Reduced tap flow.
  • Infrared tap technology, which can figure out when the user uses his hands to wash or when the water is turned on.
  • Programmable features, like timed shower settings.

Soaking Bathtubs

Soaking tubs were really popular during the eighties and they are making a clear comeback right now due to technology. Stand-alone soaking bathtubs are very hot in real estate and professionals like these Lynchburg plumbers will be able to install a new one in your bathroom so you can enjoy a long soak in a beautiful tub. Some of the options that are available right now include:

  • Lack of shower surround for stand-alone bathtubs.
  • Japanese-style tubs.
  • Modern tub faucets with various pipes included.
  • Air baths that are capable of offering you a great massage thanks to warm massaging bubbles delivered through airflow.
  • Chromotherapy, which practically means mood-enhancing lighting.
  • Brand new shapes and materials for your tubs. Rectangular tubs are modern and sleek, with interesting materials available on the market, like copper and carved stone.

Hot Bathroom Gadgets

You cannot have a high-tech bathroom without adding some really interesting gadgets. Numerous fun products are available right now and can make your bath experience more special. Examples include:

  • Refrigerated bathroom cabinets – perfect for storing some cold drinks or medicine.
  • LCD shower panels – these allow you to control water flow, music settings, team, chromotherapy and even shower temperature.
  • Waterproof TV sets – many people enjoy watching TV while they soak in a bathtub. The addition of waterproof TV sets can make this happen. You will no longer risk dropping your smartphone or tablet in the tub

High-tech bathrooms are definitely impressive to look at. While they are not as popular as high-tech kitchens, it is a certainty that in the near future we are going to see many bathrooms that include countless smart gadgets you are going to simply adore. Maybe it is time to add some to your bathroom.

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