Ten Tickets That You Could Not Buy Online Ten Years Ago

A decade ago, technology was in an early stage and most things you needed were available only by physically buying them. Nowadays, if you don’t want to purchase a ticket physically because you are not homebound or you’re just busy, you can quickly get one in the internet in a few minutes. So, which tickets can you buy online? Are they legal? Are they safe?

According to ForbesWebedia Movies Pro Poll study shows that more people are now buying their tickets online with a decrease in in-theater purchases. The poll surveyed more than 100,000 moviegoers while exiting the theatres, and from the research, there was an 18.7% increase in online ticket purchases. 

Ten Things you can buy via online tickets 

1. Lottery Tickets 

Lotteries are one of the biggest gambling games in the world. The US government usually regulates the sale and buying of tickets as they have a high potential for fraud. You should only buy lottery tickets from licensed lottery companies to avoid being scammed. In some US states and other countries, the sale of online lottery tickets is legal, but you should be vigil as there are many fraudsters out there. Also, most US states have different laws on the sale of online lottery tickets, with some states allowing only residents to buy online lottery tickets while requiring non-residents to be physically present to purchase tickets. Also, some websites like Lottoland have a unique business model where players can play the lottery and other games online.

2. Event Tickets

A decade ago, events such as musical performances had an only physical system of tickets purchases. But as of now, you can buy an online event ticket using a myriad of payment options, i.e., credit cards and PayPal. More so, you can purchase using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts and access your ticket easily via your social media or email accounts.

3. Bus Tickets

A while ago, bus tickets were only available in bus stations across the world. You had to travel to a bus station to book a ticket for bus travel. However, nowadays, you can book online tickets with top bus companies such as RedcoachVamoose, and Tripper Bus in the US. These buses have a travel schedule, and you can book a ticket for use later in the day or week. 

4. Plane Tickets

Plane traveling is one of the most exciting and luxurious journeys. A decade ago, plane tickets were only available in airports and airstrips. You need to book the flight by presenting your documents and paying directly to the airport. However, that has changed now as you can book a flight online in advance. Its result has been an improvement in the ticketing of the airline industry. 

5. Concert Tickets

The concert industry has been booming during the last ten years. More people now appreciate and love live music culture. Previously, concert tickets were only available on the event venue or selected retailer branches. But you can now buy an online concert ticket for concerts and festivals at some online sites.

6. Theater Tickets 

Theatre performances have been in place for over a century now. With live art performers, play performances and musical theater, ballet, and soap operas, theatre uses many conventions that are a darling to theatre fans. You can now buy theatre tickets online to watch your favorite plays, musicals, operas, and more.

7. Sport tickets 

With an increasing number of sports games such as football, cricket, volleyball and rugby, the demand for more tickets is ever surging. A few years back, most sports fans crowded at stadiums and ticket retailers to buy their favorite tickets. That is not the case now as they can buy sports tickets from sites such as StubHub and SeatGeek

8. Shows Tickets

With the number of increasing shows worldwide, the ticketing companies have stepped up their game. Whether you want to catch up with your favorite comedy show or a motivational show, you can now purchase tickets online quickly, which was not available a decade ago. Companies such as Ticketmaster and Broadway Tickets provide you with these tickets. 

9. Parking Tickets

Parking tickets enable you to park your car conveniently at any location. With parking tickets, most countries needed you to buy parking tickets physically. But with the advent of technology, it’s now possible to buy a ticket at the comfort of your smartphone with each city providing a website for paying the services, i.e., NYC Online PARKING Payments and Boston’s Parking Ticket Payments. 

10. Train Tickets

Railway transport has made life easier for the majority of countries. From the subway track to the regular rail track and high-speed rail track, railway transport remains one of the famous transport modes. In the previous decade, most railway tickets were only available in railway stations and stops. However, you can now buy a railway ticket from sites such as EaseMyTrip and MakeMyTrip

A decade ago, one needed to be physically present to buy tickets. But nowadays, the advent of technology has made it easier to access a myriad of tickets online. This has helped to save time and improve the efficiency of the ticket service providers. 

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