The most useful car technology to take advantage of in 2019

The car industry is changing rapidly, from full electric cars to completely driverless vehicles featuring tons of futuristic gadgets and apps. Everyone is wanting a new car. By looking into Bridging Finance you could make your dreams a reality and loan the money to buy new while deciding what to do with your previous vehicle. 2019 is an exciting year as car manufacturers and companies reveal cutting edge technology for us to enjoy.

Driverless Cars

We have to start with the most well-known and controversial of all the car advancements, the rather sci-fi-sounding driverless cars. Self-driving cars rely on a variety of sensors to scan their surroundings and react accordingly. The ‘human problem’ is well-publicized, with many worried that they simply won’t be able to react quickly enough to our unpredictable behavior causing injury and fatalities. However, there is a big push for them to come to market with many car manufacturers getting on board not to mention big technology companies such as Google. Today many cars already have elements of autonomous driving, with self-parking, lane switching, and emergency breaking already part of many car models. This has even moved to larger vehicles such as autonomous trucks so they can be used in commercial circumstances.

Emotive Driving

A more unusual advancement in car technology comes in the form of Kia who have teamed up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab’s Affective Computing group to improve the morality of the drivers using their vehicles. Known as Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving, or R.E.A.D for short, this system optimises the cabin space in order to improve the emotional state of the occupants inside. Using artificial intelligence-powered technology it is designed to recognize what you are feeling using bio-signals and will then change certain functions such as the lighting, temperature and music to improve the drivers and passenger’s mood.

Bespoke Car Finance Match

You might think technology advancements start and end with the cars themselves, but there have been unprecedented advancements with technology that benefit consumers hugely before they even step foot in the car. One such example is this impressive car finance calculator dubbed as possibly the most accurate car finance checker available within the UK. Teaming up with credit search facilities, UK Car Finance are able to return a custom answer to how likely you are to get approved for car finance, the rate you can expect to achieve from a huge panel of car finance packages as well as the cars that fall within your budget. This transparency gives you a lot more control over your car finance than ever before.

Electric Vehicles

Advancements in battery life and efficiency has been key in the improvement on electric vehicles. Now that diesels are to be phased out, many car manufacturers are looking to electric and hybrid vehicles for more eco-friendly alternatives to their petrol and diesel counterparts. Companies such as Tesla are some of the biggest investors in electric vehicles. The vast majority of electric vehicles use lithium-ion batteries due to their high recharge capacity. As more and more advancements are made and electric vehicles can cover more distance on a single charge, they will likely shoot up in popularity. However, there will be a huge demand for charging stations at parking sites, and this is not something currently offered frequently enough. If you own a parking site, this is something you need to consider. At the moment, when a driver judges a parking site, their opinion is based on things like the flow of traffic and how clearly the spaces are marked out (for which line marking machines are required – you can find the market leading options here). However, whether there are enough charging stations will influence their decision more and more as electric vehicles become more popular.

With technology such as AI inside our cars and a smart car finance checker to guide our car purchasing car technology has never been more cutting edge. It’s safe to say that whatever your personal feelings are on many of the car changes coming into play, car technology is advancing quickly.

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