The Stress-Free Way to Unblock a Drain

Ask any seasoned property owner and they will confirm that a blocked drain is high on their list of home catastrophes to avoid, and while many decide to go down the DIY road to resolve the issue, this can often worsen the situation and you end up having to call the plumbers in Temecula, for example, that you should have contacted in the first place, before tackling it yourself.

Professional Drain Cleaners

There are plumbers that specialise in unblocking drains; they have the right equipment, and with CCTV technology, the technician can closely inspect your drainage system and quickly find the blockage. One such specialist can be found at, a leading Canberra plumbing company who are experts at unblocking drains.

Locating the Blockage

This is the main issue for the homeowner; the drainage system is a complex network of pipes – the blockage could be anywhere – and rather than having to dig up half the garden, you are advised to call in a drain unblocking specialist who will make short work of the job. The technician has a fleet of rugged go-anywhere CCTV buggies, which can travel along the entire drainage system, so he can get a close-up view of the inner pipe surfaces. Once he sees the blockage, he will know the best way to remove it, then he will power-flush the system, which ensures there are no repeat blockages. If you encounter a problem too advanced for you to tackle alone, you may want to contact Plumbers in Portland, Oregon, or wherever you are located, in order to resolve the plumbing issue.

Potential Causes

A blocked drain could be caused by any of the following:

  • Food waste
  • Cooking oil
  • Sanitary towels
  • Invasive tree roots
  • Ground movement

Human hair mixed with soap residue is another common cause of a drain blockage, which might start out as a partial obstruction, and over time, this would grow to become a total blockage.

Preventative Measures

Some homeowners prefer not to wait until they encounter a blocked drain or find a water leak, and call in a local plumber to carry out a drain survey, when every section of the system is inspected, and with a written report on the status of your drains, you can make an informed decision regarding repairs. The technician would recommend a power flush, which removes all residue from the inner pipe surfaces, thus ensuring free-flow.

Fast & Efficient

No one likes to have to deal with a backed-up toilet, and should you ever encounter a blocked drain, a simple Google search will help you locate a nearby specialist, like this Plumber St Paul MN. If the problem happens outside of regular working hours, there will be emergency plumbers who have an entire workshop in their mobile unit and they can be with you within a few minutes. Even if your drains are fine, it is a good idea to pre-source an emergency plumber and store their 24-hour number in your smartphone.

A blocked drain can be very stressful for the property owner and you should resist the temptation to fix it yourself, as this usually compounds the problem. The best solution is to engage a professional drain cleaner, who has both the know-how and equipment to make short work of any drain blockage, and once they have finished, your drains will be sparkling clean.

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