The Very Best of Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

The new generation of iPhones has been Apple’s biggest achievement after the fingerprint scanner locks. These phones are meant to be cherished for a lifetime with never-before-seen camera quality. The flagship mobile devices should be the perfect gift for this Christmas. If you are still in two minds about which mobile device to get, you can check out online review websites such as to help make your choice this Christmas season.

But, with more iPhones in the market than ever, you can have a hard time while choosing one of them. It is better to deeply understand the new iPhones before setting off on your shopping spree. In case you are thinking about a reliable insurer for the new phone then is the place to be.

There are hundreds of blogs and videos that tell us about the major specs of iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. But none of them deals with the new features loaded on these phones. Let us take a snapshot of these new features to acknowledge an Apple product that will kill every other flagship.


The latest iPhone generation is way ahead of its predecessors like iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. This will probably result in many people selling their older iPhones to purchase the new iPhone 11. Luckily, people can sell their old iPhones at This will help them to get money for the newest phone model. The tech giant has introduced a new telephoto lens at the back panel to cover distant images. iPhone 11 has now become the best phone to capture wildlife and sports events. It also allows users to click better zoomed-in pictures and provides superior quality photos.

The software upgrades have also swept away the issues with iPhone’s night photography. iPhone 11 can now produce exceptional night images in the least favorable lightings. Apple’s recent success in night photography is incredible, to say the least. People who are using phones older than iPhone 8 will experience the biggest change in the overall camera performance.


The screen has always been the talking point of any new iPhone. Although, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have the same resolution and pixel density as the Xs and Xs Max yet the underlying technology has changed. The latest iPhone has a brighter display with less stress on its battery. However, some people have experienced heat after the removal of Apple’s 3D touch feature. The new phones come with a Haptic Touch which works as per the time duration of touch, unlike the 3D touch which was a pressure-sensitive pop. The new feature does not make much of a difference but it is a topic of discussion for Apple fanboys.


iPhone users don’t have to be silent when it comes to battery backup now. The update in battery life has been iPhone’s most astounding response to people who condemned the phone due to its pitiful battery backup. Numerous reports claim that iPhone 11 Pro runs 4 more hours in comparison to Xs while iPhone 11 Pro Max provides 5 more hours of power when compared to Xs Max. Apple users can now fast-charge their phones with an 18W new charging device. You can now charge your phone for 30 minutes and enjoy a full day of usage.

Apple is certainly working on aspects that made Android a more logical and preferable operating system for many of us. Now that the battle is growing at an exponential pace, it would be interesting to see who wins.

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