The Very Brief History of SEO

The term SEO is used to broadly describe digital marketing strategies and techniques, while it also has a specific meaning, search engine optimisation is the art of improving a website’s ranking within an online search. SEO had evolved alongside the World Wide Web, and as search engines arrives, the SEO industry was born. You can learn more about the benefits of SEO at somewhere similar to the OneSEO Blog, but, for now, this article will focus on its history.

The Mid-1990s

This was the time when the first search engine arrived on the scene, when, in 1995, Multimedia Marketing Group began to use the term search engine optimisation. There is one unverified account that tells of Jefferson Starship, the rock band, whose manager was astounded that their official website was on page 4 of a search, instead of page 1. So, he approached tech people asking what they could do to put the official website on page 1, where he felt it belonged, and the SEO industry was born, at least according to Bob Heyman, the author of ‘Digital Engagement’.


In 1990, a university student by the name of Alan Emtage created what many believe to be the very first search engine, which he named Archie. Although Archie was able to gain data from servers that could help to locate content, it could only be described as a basic form of search engine.

SEO Services

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This emerged in 1993 and was created by 6 Stanford students, which later changed its name to Excite, and some would say Excite pioneered backend optimisation. Then, in the same year, came Wandex came along and others arrived the following year, with names like Alta Vista, Lycos and Infoseek that were powered by web robots that crawled servers and site content to carry out searches. If you are looking to get into the SEO industry, here are a few copy writing rules to follow for great web content, which might be useful.

The Birth of Google

Two people created the Google search engine, Larry Page and Sergey Bryn and they named it BackRub, and in September of 1997, was registered as a domain. Fast forward to today and Google is one of the biggest corporations in the world, with huge data centres around the world that store the amazing amount of data generated.

Google Rules the Waves

The early 2000s saw Google become established and established the guidelines for search engine optimisation, and ever since that time, there has never been a serious contender to topple Google, who have grown (they now own YouTube) exponentially.

Google Analytics

These very powerful tools were introduced in 2005 and in 2009, Microsoft launched an aggressive marketing plan for their new search engine, ‘Bing’, which did not perform as was hoped and it failed to dominate Google’s search engine, which was now used by most online consumers.

SEO is increasingly being used in tandem with AI and the potential for humanity is enormous, and if you want to know about the future, you’ll have to wait and see.

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