Web Design: How Casinos Are Showing Us The Error Of Our Ways

What should a modern sales website look like? It’s a loaded question. If your business relies on selling goods online, the quality of your website is crucial to your prospects of success. That is why businesses will look into a website design company in Baltimore or a company closer to where they operate, so they can get the necessary help with their design. The internet has given consumers a world of choice, and there are very few businesses that are completely unique. Whether you’re selling cars, kitchens, or insurance policies, you have hundreds of rivals online who could eat your business online if your potential customers decide they like the look of their website more than yours.

Because nobody wants to be left behind in the digital world, web design is constantly evolving and changing. Everybody tries to keep up with the biggest name in their sector. If your biggest rival started putting video content on their homepage, you probably wouldn’t be far behind. If they started requiring visitors to register before they could gain access to your content, you’d wonder if you were missing a trick, and consider using the same approach. The end result is that most sales websites are now packed full of content, visually slick and stylish, and bursting with information.

Unfortunately, nobody bothered to stop and check whether consumers appreciated the visual overload they receive when they land on a website for the first time.

The brand that makes the most money online is Amazon. It’s the world’s most profitable website, and it’s still breaking quarterly sales records in 2019. It’s at the top, and it continues to go higher. It does all of this without looking pretty. Nobody has ever logged onto Amazon’s website and been overwhelmed by its beauty. In fact, if you were being critical, you might even say it looks dated and ugly. That doesn’t matter. The lack of bandwidth-heavy video and visual content means it loads faster, and puts customers right in the middle of the digital sales floor from the moment they land. Everyone can and should be learning from this.

One industry that doesn’t need to read this memo is the online casino industry, which has understood the value of simplicity and minimalism for years. The revenue of the online gambling industry is growing at almost frightening rates and doesn’t look likely to slow down any time soon. Even with all that money, mobile slots websites are strikingly simple affairs. The average mobile slots website is coded in pure HTML5, with no frills or added complications. The websites understand that their users have only one point of interest when loading them – they want to play online casino. For that reason, they make it as easy for them to do so as possible. It’s not rocket science, but it’s something that far too many web designers seem to have lost sight of.

Now we’ve established that you don’t need a website that would win design awards to make billions of dollars, here are a few things you can learn from casino websites and implement on your own.

No Pop Up Intrusions

This is the modern pattern of websites, and we have no idea why. We log on to a website, and a pop up appears asking us to register with the sit before we’ve even had a chance to read the content. We dismiss it. A second pop up appears, and this one is informing us about the website’s data collection policy. Again, we dismiss it. We’d really like to go to our content now, but instead, we have a third pop up asking if we’d consider turning off our ad-blocking software. At this point, we give up trying to do whatever it is we went there to do, and we go somewhere else instead. We have no idea who started this or why, but we’d like it to stop. You won’t catch casino websites doing it. If you have information that has to be shared on a pop-up, do it all on the same one.

Front And Central Content

If you sell insurance, the very first thing a customer should see when landing on your website is a button to click in order to receive an insurance quote. People who sell cars should have a website that features currently available cars right in the middle of the landing page. Those who have arts and crafts websites should have a nice big clickable button positioned dead center, which takes their customers to a page where they can get started learning arts and crafts. You’ve probably spotted the pattern by now. Mobile slots websites and online casinos have slots and casino games as the stars of their landing page. It’s a simple case of giving your visitors what they want as quickly as possible.

Do Away With Clutter

Aside from the games on the casino sites, you won’t find much more content. Any other content which is there will be hidden away behind a menu button. That means there are fewer distractions away from the things you really want your visitors to be looking at. You might think people will be interested in your company’s history or ethos – and you might be right – but if you have a sales website, they’ll want to see what you have to sell before they assess anything else about you. Keep all the none essential content stashed away behind a menu button in one of the top corners, and make sure everything else in sight is something a customer can look at and buy.

We’re going to keep ourselves to three helpful hints here because we’re talking a leaf out of the book of the casino websites. Keep things simple, and only show people the things they really need to see. If your sales site generates multiple pop-ups before your customers can interact with your goods, you’re doing it wrong. If your products aren’t on your landing page, you’re doing even worse. If there are multiple in-sight menu options for customers to become distracted by, you can guarantee they’ll become distracted. Keep it focused, keep it minimal, and you, too, could be earning casino website money!

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