What are the benefits of managing your microsoft licensing needs?

When it comes to the software that you use within the workplace it is easy to skip over the research process and end up ordering a package big enough to service your needs. Whilst we understand that many people are under time constraints, taking the time to properly review your processes and licensing needs could help you save costs in the future.

This week we look at Microsoft licensing and how properly managing the software you use for your business can help you match your needs to the licensing level you need to get the most value for your business whilst ensuring you are staying compliant.

  • It saves you money

Cost cutting in business can not come at the expense of customers, but properly managing the Microsoft licensing that you use for your work could really help you tighten the purse strings in your company.

Many businesses have Microsoft licenses that are too comprehensive for what they need, having the full business license when a more basic option would suit a company of their size etc.

Taking the time to work out your licensing needs and what package best suits your workflow will help you avoid burning money on expensive licenses. Whilst this may sound obvious, it is easy to let slip in larger organisations.

  • It helps you develop your knowledge around proprietary software

If you are looking to grow your knowledge base as an IT professional, then getting a good understanding of Microsoft licensing and general IT asset management can really help add to your skillset. If you are entering a new workplace then having a good knowledge of the type of software they need could help you stand out by introducing some interesting cost savings.

  • You can find business efficiency savings through time and money

Business efficiency is very important and getting the right Microsoft licenses for your needs can really help. Whilst getting a more entry level license can help you save money, it may be that the more business level licences come with additional functionality such as Microsoft Projects, which your team may find useful.

Make sure you stay up to date with the latest Microsoft licensing best practices

Staying up to date with the best practices in Microsoft licensing and IT asset management will improve your employability as an IT professional and keep you on your toes when it comes to properly managing your licensing needs. Follow relevant publications and make sure you are aware of any increases in licensing costs to ensure you get the best value for money.

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