Why You Need a Hutch for Your Desk

If you’re looking to add more storage to your office desk then a hutch is the piece of furniture you’re looking for. Hutches are a practical way to save space as they combine the work and storage components into one cohesive unit. Depending on the size of the space and the functional needs you want the desk to perform, a hutch can be an easy fix that adds to the décor as well.  

One of the advantages of buying a hutch is you are bringing organization to the space. They come in a variety of heights and depths allowing you to choose a hutch that will neatly store all of your necessities. 

Just like how you shop for office furniture at online stores like office monster, be sure to take your measurements for the hutch also before you finalize the purchase. When selecting a desk hutch, you want to make sure the base is smaller than the desk’s surface. Pay attention to the design of the hutch as some have fluted molding at the top. It may seem too big for your desk, but if the base is smaller then it may be just the right fit. It’s best to check the product specifications or contact customer service for clarification.

At 1StopBedrooms there are design specialists waiting for your call so they can answer the questions you have regarding the furniture. You’ll find a home office desk with hutch attached or you can just pick one up for your current desk. Speaking with the consultants is a free service offered by the site to all shoppers. So take advantage of the feature and ask specific questions and you’ll get real answers to help you make a decision.

These consultants are non-commissioned so they are not receiving any extra payment for guiding you to certain pieces. You can trust that their recommendations are based on your answers to their questions, and the need to ensure you enjoy your buying experience. 

When you take your measurements, be sure you measure the height of your computer monitor, then the height beneath the lowest shelf on the hutch. That is important because it’s where you will be working. You don’t want a hutch that sits so low that it takes away surface area, making it impossible for you to work. Also, if you have large books or binders to store, make sure the depth is what you need it to be.

As you shop, think about your needs. Are you looking for additional light? Then check the specs and be sure the hutch you are purchasing is equipped with lighting. Do you know exactly what you’re going to store in the hutch? Do you want doors to keep items enclosed? Do the doors or storage compartments need locks? 

What about adjustable shelves? They can come in handy if your organizational needs change. Do you need a tack board? Then search for a hutch that includes this feature. All these are vital concerns when purchasing a hutch so that it functions as you need it to.

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