10 Gifts For A Technology Nerd

Everyone has a nerd friend or family member that we just love. Shopping for technology nerds have always been fun with a massive amount of geeky items available nowadays. So what can you get them when they have already specifically asked for the new DJI FPV drone? From a Wi-Fi booster to a computer key cup set, we list some other great ideas that you can surprise them with below.

  1. Wi-Fi Booster

A wide Wi-Fi coverage has become a necessity with the prominence of smart home devices and online media services, like Netflix and Hulu. If there are Wi-Fi dead zones in your home, then a mesh system might be all you need. Our top picks are Linkys Velop and eero

  1. Freezerboy Magnet Set

If your geeky friend likes classic video games, then your friend can use the Freezerboy Magnet Set to turn the refrigerator into a Gameboy. The magnet set includes a 16×12-inch screen and five buttons. Unlike the traditional fridge sticker, these magnets leave no marks.

  1. Dotz Cord Identifiers

An average tech nerd always has a lot of power cords cluttered in a room. What’s even worse is, every cord looks the same. The Dotz Cord Identifiers is great for organizing cord labels with their bright colors.

  1. MEE Bluetooth Fixed Shower Head

For anyone who can’t endure a moment of silence, YOO.MEE can play your favorite songs while showering. It’s built with a Bluetooth speaker to play 12 hours of music. You can also push the speaker button to answer a call while on the shower.

  1. Caliber

Tech nerds wouldn’t be seen dead working out in a sweaty gym, get them an online fitness coach from the likes of CALIBER.

  1. Computer Glasses

Any tech nerd will appreciate a pair of computer glasses as a gift. Long hours of watching the computer screen will damage your eyes. We suggest the Umizato Computer Gaming Glasses because they’re FDA approved to block the harmful blue light.

  1. TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug

If your friend is always on the go, you can help him control the appliances and electronics at home by gifting them the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug This can be controlled through your current Wi-Fi network and your smartphone. Of course, you need to download the Kasa app to enjoy the benefits, like shutting off the lamps or turning off the television right before bedtime while you’re away. However, because this is connected to the electronics of the home, an appliance has the potential to shortcircuit at any point, checking to see if something like this can be covered under a home warranty is what the friend can do, especially if it controls the majority of the electrics. They can read here to learn more about this.

  1. Laptop Backpack

This is just not an ordinary laptop backpack. This bag from Moon Wood is made of fully-hidden zippers to hide your laptop from thieves. It includes a USB charging port to fuel the energy of your phone while traveling.

  1. Echo Dot

If your nerd friend wants a virtual assistant at home, then the Echo Dot is a good gift idea. This is a voice-controlled speaker built with Alexa. Use Alexa to set timers, answer queries, or determine the weather. The Echo Dot can also play music, make calls, and control the electronics in your home.

  1. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

Who says that you can’t bring your geekiness in the kitchen? This cup set actually looks like exactly like the Ctrl-Alt-Delete computer keys when you flip them down. The three cups are ideal for coffee and cold refreshments, too.

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