Stormy 20s – New Year’s Party in Shangri La Tbilisi

In the Shangri La casino in Tbilisi, life is constantly in full swing, but on New Year’s Eve the unit decided to please the guests with a large number of fun parties. One of them will be held on December 14, 2019, it was called “Stormy 20s.” The casino guests will enjoy live music, enchanting shows, excellent company and a lottery with a prize draw.

Do not miss the opportunity to spend the New Year holidays at the luxurious casino Shangri La! To do this, you need to order a junket tour to Georgia on suitable dates. If your visit to the casino coincides with the time of the parties and draws, you can take part in them for free and get the opportunity to win an additional jackpot.

What is remarkable about Shangri La Tbilisi casino

Shangri La Tbilisi is a bright, modern, stylish casino. One of the best gambling complexes in Georgia. It has a chic design, luxurious decorative features,it also provides visitors with comfort, hospitality and excellent service. Shangri La is the best place to check out Fortune’s favor by making small or even large bets.

The facility is located in the picturesque historical district of Tbilisi, near the Bridge of Peace, 10 km from the highway leading to the airport – just 20 minutes from International Airport.

Casino Shangri La Tbilisi has a huge number of games, both table games (four types of poker, Black Jack, American roulette, punto banco), and the most modern slot machines from leading manufacturers.

X.O. is the Shangri La Tbilisi casino VIP part. Secluded place to play with high stakes. Club members are offered complete confidentiality, the top security level and great prizes. The club occupies luxurious VIP areas, where card holders can enjoy a huge list of free services.

One cannot help but visit the beautifully decorated restaurant in the Shangri La complex. Only world-class dishes come across here, which are offered to enjoy while admiring the view of the Bridge of Peace and the Mktvari River. Give yourself a great end to the night in a magical casino!

For convenience, visitors are invited to park the car in a large area for personal transport. There is a taxi service for those who do not drive.

The company adheres to strict rules and supports all gaming standards established in the world. Shangri La Tbilisi visitors are guaranteed excellent service and the highest security level. Table games and slots lovers are rewarded for participation with special advertising games that offer large cash prizes. Such draws always end with a bright, spectacular, memorable show.

Tbilisi casino is part of a large Shangri La family. The casino’s network is managed by Storm International, Darren Keane is the managing director of the company. It is one of the most famous gambling operators in Eastern Europe, which began its work more than 25 years ago.

Game tour – a wonderful vacation in Shangri La Tbilisi

A game trip or a game tour to Georgia is an all-inclusive trip with perfect organization. It can be purchased as a travel package, with the only difference – you can play all casino games. The tour includes travel expenses, food and hotel expenses, as well as other services that the casino is happy to provide its guests with. All these amenities are provided in exchange for a deposit. You just need to pay the game chips cost in Storm International, Darren Keane clarified. This is the amount to be won back in the gaming room.

Depending on the junket tour duration, the minimum bets level that the guest will make daily is determined, as well as the minimum amount of money that must be put. If a group trip is organized, all participants receive their conditions and privileges in the casino, hotel rooms are reserved for them.

During the winter holidays season, the Shangri La Tbilisi casino turns into a fabulous New Year’s palace, and this is a great reason to go on a gaming trip in December or January. Arriving on a game tour, the guest automatically becomes a participant in all the draws and closed parties.

To order a junket tour in Tbilisi and find out more information about the casino operation, go to the official website:

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