Game tours at VIP level to Latvia, Georgia, Belarus and Armenia

There are a lot of gambling people in the world who are ready to travel exclusively for the playing in a casino sake. Exactly for such travelers entertaining trips like junket tours were invented. What is it?

Junket tour is formally a “free” trip to countries where there is a casino. The gambling units acts as a host and organizes a full vacation for the game chips cost. Many casinos include junket tours in their services list, because they help not only attract new customers, but also become competitive in the gambling market.

There are not many gambling operators in the post-Soviet space, and only a few of them have many years of experience and a good reputation. So, Michael Boettcher’s Storm International has been improving in the gambling field for more than 25 years, it has 4 casinos in Latvia, Georgia, Belarus and Armenia. In these four casinos which create the Shangri La network, you should go on a gaming tour at the VIP level.

Junket conditions

Junkets operate according to the three services rules: travel, accommodation, visiting the casino. All expenses are covered by the casino. In turn, a little is the client required: to play back the hours agreed upon under the contract (usually from 2 to 5 hours a day) and deposit a certain amount on the deposit.

The conditions of any tour include a minimum deposit that opens on the unit account before the trip. This insurance amount, it acts as a guarantor that the client will fulfill all the contract conditions. At the junket end, the money is returned to the client. But, if the guest decides to violate the contract terms, then the cost of the flight, accommodation and meals will be deducted from the sum insured by the casino managers.

People with high incomes prefer junket routes to the world gambling centers of Las Vegas, Macau, Baden-Baden. But there are not less interesting directions, moreover, more affordable. You can choose gaming tours to Latvia, Belarus, Armenia or Georgia. By the way, you will get pleasure in these countries no less.

Junkets to Belarus

At the moment, almost all casinos in Belarus offer junket tours to guests. One of the most prestigious is Shangri La, which has been recognized as the best casino in the country and awarded the Choice of the Year award for 6 years in a row.

There are few people with a solid income in the country who can afford to spend evenings at a casino, so the Belarusian gambling industry actively offers foreign customers to visit their casinos under the junket travel program.

The Shangri La tour includes accommodation, meals, transportation costs – all at the casino expense. The complex is ready to further indulge its clients with a cultural and entertainment program: excursions, lotteries, entertainment shows.

Junkets to Georgia, Armenia and Latvia

In Georgia, it is worth visiting the Shangri La Tbilisi casino for junket. It is located right in the capital center in a beautiful historical area. The guest will receive all the pleasure at once: accommodation in an excellent hotel, full board, excursions, a game in a casino, participation in entertainment programs.

Another Shangri La casino operates in Armenia; it is located closer to Yerevan than other gambling complexes. Casinos are forbidden in the capital, and it is convenient to reach Shangri La by car in just 15 minutes. The conditions are the same as in Georgia.

Several dozens of large casinos operate in Latvia, but only a few provide services in the VIP niche. For quality stay, you should go to SL – this is the casino by Storm International, Darren Keane said, located in the Kempinski Hotel right in the center of Riga. Guests are welcome here at the VIP level.

To summarize, the junkets are a great form of relaxation, a good alternative to sightseeing and sea tours.

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