3 Factors to Consider for App Store Optimization

If you’re creating an app – which anyone has the ability to do in 2021 – you’ll have to work hard in finding an audience and making it a success. It’s not an easy business and, even if you have a great app, it can be tough to make it pop. Especially in a world where the markets are so flooded, it can be expensive to create a marketing campaign that really allows your app to make it big.

However, I wanted to dive into the contributing factors behind having your app perform well on the app store and what you can do to help convert an audience.

If people are looking for a specific app and find you on the app store, then the following factors will go into their decision-making process and help them decide if they are going to download your app – or not:

1. Quick Decision-Making

Damien Trevatt, Owner of Black Hat World, knows that people make decisions in a matter of seconds. You’ll need to grab their attention, and you’ll need to do it quickly.

“People won’t stay long on your page in the app so make it quick. Use clear, quick statements that will stand out and grab the attention of someone. Something like “IMPROVE COMPANY COMMUNICATION” for a team messaging app might help keep someone around to learn more. You could also use statements like “BEST PHOTO EDITING APP” to try and convince people that your app is the very best.

Avoid long text, keep it short and pushy, and put it right out in the open.”

2. A Good Website to Back It Up

Alexander Kuznetsov, the CEO of ADCI Solutions, knows how important it is to have an effective website and that goes for apps as well.

“A strong presence on the app store is just not good enough these days. You need a quality website to back it up, because many people will go looking for you online after finding you on the app store. It’s important for you to have a quality website to back up your claims, as well as social media channels to provide an even larger look into who you are and what you offer.

The website doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but designing something in line with your branding and the app you’ve created should help you do a number of things. It will give you a chance to provide information than what can be found on the app store and will help you actually rank on Google for a domain that you have control over!”

3. High-quality Screenshots and Graphics

Sean Chaudhary, CEO of Alchemy Leads Marketing Agency, encourages you to put lots of time into the screenshots and graphics you use for the app store.

“The visual aspect of your app on the app store will be a huge contributing factor behind whether someone downloads your app or not. Everything from your logo to the screenshots you use will probably make up 80% of the decision-making process for each viewer. You need to have good visuals that represent the best things about your app, appear user-friendly, and can draw people in.

If the images are grainy, plain, overly complicated, include too much text, look outdated, or just aren’t good, the person will probably go to the next option who might be more visually appealing. Their app may be slow and ineffective, but they’ve done a better job of drawing people in with their visuals.

We see so much on a minute-to-minute basis on our devices that the imagery is so important in every marketing decision. So make it count!”

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