5 Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

A lot of gadgets nowadays are more of a want than a need. Higher specs and latest innovations entail a higher price. In this economy, you need to be smart with your purchases.


Here are five gadgets that you didn’t know you needed to make your life better and easier.


  1. Bluetooth Speakers

If you want to blast your music on the beach or anywhere you go, you probably need a Bluetooth speaker. All models can stream music from almost any tablet or phone while many of them work doubly as speakerphones.

Bluetooth technology has become so ubiquitous in all aspects of life nowadays; you probably cannot find anyone without a single Bluetooth-enabled device. In fact, and this may be surprising to know, even people who make use of hearing devices for clearer hearing have access to this technology now – Bluetooth hearing aids are an actual thing! You can look here if you want to know how this works. In short, music or other audio is streamed directly to the hearing aid, helping even those who are hard of hearing stream audio content easily. So, why not go for convenient Bluetooth speakers?


Perhaps, the best sounding micro Bluetooth speaker that you can buy is the Bose Soundlink. It has a great bass sound and plays clear outdoors. It can play up to six hours with a maximum wireless range of 30 feet.


  1. Instant Wine Chiller

Listen up wine lovers! Here’s an amazing gadget that can transform the temperature of your wine from warm to that of a cellar (12-16 degrees Celsius) in a matter of seconds. The instant wine chiller is based on the idea of cooling wine at the time it’s served. Instead of the bottle, this gadget cools the wine itself.


To use, simply insert the wine chiller into the bottleneck. Wine is cooled instantly as it flows through an inner frozen tube. The tube is crafted from the same stainless steel utilized for wine fermentation tanks.


  1. Mighty Purse

Charging your smartphone has never been glamorous with the Mighty Purse Wristlet. Made of 100% genuine leather, it charges all android phones that utilize micro USB. It also includes a lightning adapter to charge iPhones 5 to 7.


The charger itself is slim and lightweight so you can carry the purse with ease. The 4000mAh battery is rechargeable via a USB port. Besides carrying a phone, the purse still has space to carry other essentials.


  1. Bluetooth Tracker

If you’re quite forgetful, a Bluetooth tracker might be all you need. Just attach the tracker to anything that you consider important, like your wallet and track it via a mobile app.


Two of the best Bluetooth trackers are Tile Sport and Tile Style . These two models have the loudest alarm to make it easy to find the thing that you’re looking for. With its millions of users, a lot of people can help you find the thing that you lost.

  1. Virtual Reality Headset

With the prominence of virtual reality (VR) games, you’ll need a VR headset to enjoy the experience. The best VR headset out there is the Oculus Go. It features crystal clear optics and modern 3D graphics to experience a personal theater in the comfort of your home.


This VR is easy to use- it’s ready when you are and no need for a personal computer or wires. With the power of a Qualcomm chipset, this comes equipped with an intuitive controller. This makes gaming a total blast and a great experience to remember. Use your smartphone connection to add content to the

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