5 Tips When Buying an Aftermarket Car Stereo System

Use This Guide to Find the Right Audio Equipment for You

So, you’re ready to buy an aftermarket car stereo system! Upgrading your existing stereo and getting one with better sound quality, improved aesthetics, and perfect optimization for your vehicle can really change how you feel about driving. An enjoyable audio experience passes the time on long road trips and commutes, or as you run errands around town.

When it’s time to get new stereo components put in your vehicle, follow these handy tips!

Choose the right size speakers
Not every speaker or audio component will fit into every vehicle. You’ll need to either do extensive research or work with a professional at a car audio store to determine what size you should buy.

It doesn’t behoove you to get larger speakers if they don’t fit into your car. Custom car audio installation can only do so much, and you could wind up with a system that can’t function optimally, and is, therefore, a waste of money.

Let the professionals do the dirty work.

You might be tempted to piecemeal order your new aftermarket car stereo system and then attempt to install it yourself. However, without knowledge of car electronics and wiring and how to properly carry it out, you’re asking for trouble. Not only that, but you may have to build custom boxes for your subwoofer or other components. If you aren’t well-versed in this area, the results you’re expecting probably won’t be what you get.

Lean on the expertise of an installation professional at a local car audio store with a good reputation. As an added bonus, if a professional installs the equipment, you will receive a warranty on each stereo component, as well as a warranty on the install itself. If anything goes wrong, you’re covered.

Know your music goals before you shop.

Before you ever start looking at audio system components, you need to determine why you want to upgrade your factory car stereo and how you’ll be using your new system. Knowing these two facts will help you select the right equipment or guide your stereo specialist in helping you choose your options.

Most people want a new or upgraded stereo system because:

  • They’re seeking improved sound quality or clarity.
  • They want to play their music louder than the factory equipment in their vehicle will allow.
  • They need more bass notes in their music.
  • Their factory stereo system is faulty or broken in some way.

If you’re looking for improved sound quality, clarity, volume, or range and depth, then you’ll probably be spending more money on a stereo system than someone who simply needs to replace broken factory equipment.

Talk to local audio stores.

It’s worthwhile to search online for “car audio near me” to find all your options for shopping for new car stereo equipment. You should talk to a few car audio stores to determine pricing, installation, and equipment availability before making a choice, particularly if you’re looking for very specific parts and service.

Shopping around lets you gather all the information you need to make an informed decision. It may also save you money and time when it comes to purchasing and having the stereo system installed.

Know car audio brands inside and out.

The most well-known car stereo and speaker brands produce numerous component options at various price points. The sound quality people brag about most often usually comes from those at higher prices, because they’re fully equipped with all the bells and whistles, the most power, the most range of sound, and more.

Understanding what each car stereo brand can offer you and making your decision based off the technical specifications of each product will help you not only to find the right piece of equipment for you, but will save a lot of money rather than paying for brand recognition only.

Reading reviews from other buyers online can give you a good idea of which components are worth the money, as well as underdogs that will work well and sound great in your car. If none of these suggestions work, you might want to consider purchasing a new car with a high-quality stereo system. However, before you buy one, take a look at the car invoice prices to get an idea of how much money you’ll need to save to purchase your dream car.

It’s time!

Once you’ve taken every step outlined here, you can go into purchasing stereo equipment feeling more confident and knowledgeable. Your newfound understanding of audio components available for sale will help you get exactly what you want, at a price you can afford. Soon, you’ll be driving down the highway in a car with a brand-new sound!

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