Lucky Bingo Numbers From Films and TV

The invention of bingo can be traced back to a form of a national lottery that was invented in Italy in 1530. It was called Lo Giuoco Lotto Italia and was a very popular game of its time. Traces of this form of lotto can still be seen in 90-ball bingo that we play today. The French took the game of Lo Giuoco Lotto Italia and modified the cards into standard 3 rows and 9 verticals much like a modern 90-ball bingo card that is used today. So when avid players are playing at one of the bay area bingo halls or online, they may find it interesting to know where their favorite game has come from and how it has adapted over time for their weeknight fun.

Bingo enthusiasts at best sites UK often wonder if some numbers are luckier than others and appear more often than others on bingo cards. Films and TV shows can influence people into thinking that some numbers are more likely to appear than others and that some are therefore luckier than others. 

Bingo and The Media 

Bingo turns up in the most unlikely places, whether it’s references to the game or sequences that revolve around bingo, it seems to appear anywhere and everywhere. In Better Call Saul, lawyer Saul Goodman is fond of a bit of bingo but his bingo calling methods are less than conventional. Even in Hotel Transylvania there is a spooky version of bingo played by the strange inhabitants of this kids animation that is laced with dark humour. Bingo even makes an appearance in the bad taste comedy movie Bad Grandpa. 

Lucky Numbers 

The 2000 Nora Ephron directed Lucky Numbers starring John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow sees John Travolta play a popular weatherman for WTPA Channel 6 news. When he hits financial difficulties he turns to a shady character and even shadier activities to try and improve his financers. This eventually leads to him deciding to pull off an intricate lottery scam. 

Other movies and TV shows that have influenced bingo players include the movie Paycheck staring Ben Affleck, where a time traveller leaves himself the lottery winning numbers.  It Could Happen To You sees cop Nicholas Cage share his winnings with a waitress thanks to the numbers 6, 12, 16, 27, 48, and 64. Although not as popular as Lost, this movie still influenced bingo players choices of tickets they brought. 

Final Thoughts 

Even animations like the Simpsons, has featured episodes with winning number combinations that have had a direct affect on bingo players. Then there are the numbers that are traditionally seen as lucky such as 7 that are added to the mix. Some people even go against the grain and consider number 13 to be lucky for them. In reality, the numbers from famous TV shows and films do not get called more regularly than other numbers. However, they do influence punter’s number choices when they mark their bingo cards. The thing to remember is that bingo numbers are picked and generated randomly.  Maybe sometime in the not too distant future, mathematicians may find the time to study the numbers that are generated at bingo sites and discover a formula or number that is more likely to appear than others.

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