World famous slot gamblers

One of the best things about slot machines is that they appear to be probably the most accessible type of gambling game that there is, especially when you compare them to the decadence of other games such as roulette or poker. In fact, this is the main reason why Charles D. Fey’s celebrated Liberty Bell machine took off so quickly back in the late 1800s, because for the first time people from less wealthy areas could enjoy the experience of gambling as they would in a casino. 

Slot machines’ legacy as accessible gambling games has only been accentuated by the online slots explosion of the past two decades, as this has meant that so many more potential slot gamblers are able to join in on the fun. But here’s the thing: it can be tempting to think that Slots Racer top slots online and slot gamblers are usually amongst the less wealthy gamblers, with people like celebrities preferring games like roulette or poker. This really is not the case, however, read ahead for an example of some world-famous slot gamblers. 

Pamela Anderson 

Pamela Anderson shot into worldwide fame in the late 1980s and 1990s as a result of the riotously well-received primetime television drama Baywatch, in which she played the bodacious C.J Parker. Ever since then Pamela Anderson has been a bit of a sex symbol in modern popular culture, having come up with plenty of ways to satisfy your fantasy ever since she first broke out onto our screens. Things ultimately came to a head on this front with Sacha Baron Cohen’s hilarious Borat film. 

But anyway, Pamela Anderson is also known to be a particularly excitable gambler, and is a familiar face around many of Las Vegas’ best-known casinos. Her game of choice seems to be the slot machines, as many people have reported sighting the blonde bombshell on machines across the US. She has even been known to play her own branded Baywatch slot, nice! 

Bruce Willis 

Pretty much everybody must know who Bruce Willis is? One of the defining motion picture hard men of the last few decades, he is best known for his roles in the Christmas action blockbuster Die Hard films. On his downtime Bruce Willis is a regular visitor to some of the best casinos that Las Vegas has to offer, and why wouldn’t he be with that amount of bankroll to spend? 

Although Bruce Willis is seen more in games of poker and blackjack, he is also known to absolutely love spinning those slot machine reels from time to time, and we bet he has also won lots of money in the process. 

Daniel Craig 

Ever seen the critically acclaimed James Bond 007 film Casino Royale? This was Daniel Craig’s first outing as the legendary spy, and the main crux of the storyline revolved around a very high stakes poker match. Daniel Craig acted his part perfectly, and funnily enough, it was no surprise, because the man loves gambling in real life too. 

Oh yes that’s right, Mr Craig is a regular visitor in casinos across the world, and it seems as though the slots are his game of choice too!

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