6 Tips to Create Eye-Catching WordPress Themes

It might be easy to transform a functional site into a thing of beauty, but when it comes to creating your first WordPress theme, it’s a much bigger deal. To build a WordPress theme, you will have to acquire a new set of skills to ensure that it functions how you need it to. An eye-catching theme with equally interesting content will always ensure paramount engagement whether you; want to grow your fan base, promote a product or have an opt-in email newsletter you want people to join.

This applies to both written and video blogs. Additionally, having a great WordPress theme with matching video content for your blog is a great way to gain and keep your audience’s attention.

 What Tips to Consider for Creating a WordPress Theme

 Start With A Template 

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Once you have set your goals and a firm foundation for a powerful theme, what is left is for you to decide if you want to customize an existing template or build a theme from scratch. An easy way to start would be to start with an existing template and add your own customization. Through using one of these themes, you will be able to get access to a lot of structure and functionality. However, creating a WordPress theme from scratch has a higher level of customization. Which will make your website look more attractive. 

Explore Existing Themes

It is essential to know what works and what does not work for your website before building your WordPress theme. This means you should look through different WordPress portfolio themes to familiarize yourself with; how they are put together, what they look like, and how they function. Use the inspiration you get from these samples to get an idea of how you can create one that stands out. 

Don’t Mess With Core Code 

WordPress has multiple folders that are responsible for different functions. Remember that you don’t want to mess around with the core code. Everything you want to build should be in the WordPress wp-content folder. Before you decide to build a theme, it is essential to know that you can create a theme that looks elegant but is nonfunctional. Make sure you create a theme that functions as it should.

Avoid Diluting the Purpose

When you decide to build your WordPress theme, you should ensure it revolves around your end goal. Once you have chosen your theme’s purpose, make sure you maintain it instead of diluting it with different objectives that you hadn’t planned for. Always make sure your theme fits your main goal.

Don’t Forget Plugins

WordPress’s best feature is that it has multiple plugins that are useful in adding functionality to your site. WordPress plugins could be used together with your theme to; insert social posts, add Google Maps and capture information. To build a theme, you should make sure that it is compatible with all the plugins you want to include.

Hunt Out Some Quality Images

When building a website, you want it to perform to a high standard and look good. Luckily, there are tools such as Design Wizard, which could be used to create stunning images. In addition to this, Design Wizard has over a thousand pre-made templates which will fit your every need.

Make It Count

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All you need to know is that regular blogging will help you come across techniques that will play a significant role in making your posts stand out. The tips discussed above will help keep your page vigorous for longer.

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