Internet of Things Development Updates

While blockchain applications are by far the most buzzed about blockchain applications, there are plenty of applications already being developed using the technology. Soon, specialised directory listings such as bestaucasinosites will feature more casinos that support cryptocurrencies, but what you might not know is that the blockchain technology is already being used in the regulation of these casinos. Among the blockchain applications being developed are IoT solutions. For blockchain, the IoT is a huge opportunity, and blockchain is the only current technology which can provide a real ecosystem for IoT. This fact, combined with the need to maintain the privacy of IoT devices creates a rare opportunity for blockchain technology to be used in IoT. This fact, in combination with the problems that IoT devices have already created, makes it important to be aware of blockchain’s potential to solve some of the most prevalent IoT problems today. It is clear that blockchain is not leaving the online space and will constantly develop as time goes on, for instance, the use of web3 data with blockchain will help streamline applications and help make analytics easier.

Forbes recently discussed blockchain’s role in IoT with some of the major technology leaders.

Andy Collier, Global Head of Business Development at IBM Blockchain commented:

“At IBM, we see blockchain becoming a powerful foundation for trust in IoT. It will enable all connected devices to reach true machine-to-machine understanding, trust each other with a full identity, provide unprecedented data privacy, and pay each other using real transaction value. It provides the potential to integrate blockchain into every IoT project, giving enterprises new confidence that their IoT initiative is secure, fast, and future-proof.”

While there are many blockchain applications being developed in the IoT, the most ambitious blockchain IoT solutions are currently being developed for the supply chain of the internet of things. This is perhaps the largest area in which blockchain technology has not yet been applied in an IoT application. As of 2018, blockchain has not been able to significantly solve the problems associated with tracking the flow of goods within the supply chain. You also have to rely on reliable sources of information, like this here CodePaste blog, for specialised info like the best payout online casinos. Due to the complexity of the supply chain, blockchain solutions for IoT are already being developed, but they are not yet fully implemented.

The most advanced blockchain IoT solutions are being developed by Cisco and Gem, both of whom are collaborating with IBM to develop blockchain solutions for the supply chain. For the blockchain IoT supply chain, the challenges in the supply chain are two-fold. First, goods and resources must be tracked within the supply chain in an easy to understand and easy to process manner. Next, the integrity of goods, resources, and other transactional items must be verified. These challenges, in combination with blockchain’s privacy features, creates a unique opportunity for blockchain technology to prove itself within the IoT supply chain.

Another current blockchain application within the IoT is insurance. Insurance is another vital application for IoT, and one of the most promising blockchain applications currently being developed in this space is blockchain based insurance. Bitcoin has shown the world the difficulty of securing valuable goods, assets, and infrastructure with a currency. When Bitcoin first became popular, insurance companies looked at it with a level of excitement.

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