The 4 Different Playable Game Modes in Minecraft

Minecraft is a video game that was created by Markus “Notch” Persson and developed by Mojang. It is written in the programming language Java. The idea of the game is to both build and explore to survive. It can be played solo or online with other gamers. It is one of the best-selling games of all time and a lot of survival games have taken inspiration from it over the years. For example, people are asking “is hytale minecraft 2 or brand new game?”

Minecraft hosting, that is running your own Minecraft Server, allows you to play your game by your own rules. You can grow your community and build the Minecraft world that you want to build. You will attract friends and anonymous players from all over the world who will join you in your adventure. Server administration for children is also possible. You can host popular online games with Ramshard, Minecraft included. There are plenty similar server hosting providers that you are free to choose from.

So, let us consider the different game modes that Minecraft has to offer. There are four of them. We will then share some valuable gameplay tips to enhance your gaming experience.


The creative game mode is one that is available to players in all versions of Minecraft. In creative mode, a player has access to unlimited resources or items. They can also fly freely and be allowed to destroy blocks instantly while they are mining. It is easy in Minecraft to switch between Creative and Survival modes using the command “/gamemode”. This leads us on to our next playable game mode to enjoy.


Survival is the primary mode in Minecraft. Here, players need to collect resources. They will battle mobs, build structures, manage their hunger, and explore the world around them to thrive and survive. It is necessary to survive, of course, to complete the game. A game that is an enjoyable, challenging, and creative experience.


Hardcore is a Java Edition exclusive and variant of Survival. While in this mode, the world is locked into its hardest difficulty level where players are unable to respawn following being killed. This variant makes it a game that can be enjoyed by a variety of ages and skill levels.


In the Adventure mode a player has a health bar as in Survival and can eat food and kill the other players to regain their health. They cannot, however, destroy any blocks, just place the blocks that they are given by the game.

Minecraft Gaming Tips

As part of your gaming experience, the Minecraft characters you will become familiar with will include Axel, Harper, Ivor, Jesse, Lukas, Olivia, and Reuben. They will almost become part of the family, as you discover their different personalities and capabilities. You can control how the game will go for them when hosting your own game. It will expand your knowledge and experience of playing the game, while at the same time, playing to your creative side. Players will thank you for the experience that you are providing them with and want to return to your version of the game on a regular basis.

Minecraft is a wonderfully engaging and social game, and for this reason, popular among first time and more experienced gamers. There is that opportunity of advancement when you obtain the facility of being able to host a game for yourself. And all this from a game whose first version was created in just six days and not thought to be complete until two years later. It has even become the inspiration for several other brand-new games.

Some extra tips on playing the game include not eating rotten flesh, pufferfish, or raw chicken, not venturing aimlessly from one’s shelter, not attempting to dig straight down or up, not carrying a bucket full of lava in the action bar and avoiding sleeping in the Nether or the End.

So, all in all, there are four gaming modes for players to experience, and what better way to do this than through hosting your own game. Cross-play is now available on any device, including Windows 10, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

To find out even more about Minecraft, check out the attached link, and remember that you can host your own game to play it on your terms.

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