The Benefits of Legal Car Window Tinting

How and Why You Should Tint Your Windows

Many people choose to tint their vehicle’s windows for purely aesthetic purposes, but there are actually far more benefits to window tinting than good looks. And doing it legally means you can enjoy a darkened tint as you drive down the highways for years to come.

Let’s take a look at the biggest benefits of applying window tint and how to ensure it’s perfectly legal in your state.

Lower Your Risk of Getting Skin Cancer

Professional-grade window tints block harmful UV rays from the sun – one of the key causes of skin cancer. In fact, the medical field has noted over and over again that people who drive a lot – think long-haul truckers – experience skin damage to the left side of their face, the one nearest to their driver’s side window.

Continual exposure to UV rays is what causes this sun damage and increases the risk of developing skin cancer. Because professional-grade window tint blocks up to 99 percent of these harmful UV rays, getting your car’s windows tinted can actually help you stay healthier.

Drive a More Fuel Efficient Vehicle

During the summer, do you notice that you really have to blast the air conditioner when you’re driving on an intensely sunny day? Your car’s air conditioner can’t overcome the heat from the sun. The system gets overwhelmed, and you have to really crank it up to keep cool.

When you run your air conditioner as high and as cold as it will go, your vehicle must use a lot of fuel to keep it running. If your windows were tinted, you’d find that you don’t have to blast your air conditioner like that anymore.

Why? Window tint actually absorbs heat so that your car’s interior doesn’t get as hot while in the sun. When you run the air conditioner on a lower setting, you save money on fuel.

Enjoy Your Privacy While Driving or Parked

Window tint can increase the security of your vehicle by blocking criminals’ view of the inside of your car. If you’re forgetful and commonly leave your valuables inside your car, window tinting creates a visual barrier so that people can’t see inside and identify items they’d possibly like to steal.

And when you drive, a window tint prevents people from looking into your car, and makes you feel like a celebrity. But really, who isn’t uncomfortable with someone staring at them as they’re driving around the neighborhood? Window tinting is for you, too – not just famous people!

Prevent Fading in Your Car’s Interior

Just as those harmful UV rays from the sun cause skin damage, so too do they cause damage to your car’s interior. Window tint with heat rejection and UV protection blocks those rays from causing fading and cracking in your car’s interior.

Blocking the rays that cause that damage helps keep your vehicle in better condition, so it retains its value for longer. When it’s time to trade it in, not only do you have a great looking car with tinted windows, but your interior will be immaculate, too.

Prevent Glass Shattering Everywhere

If you’ve ever seen a car crash that caused windows to break, you know that those tiny shards of glass get absolutely everywhere, both inside and outside the vehicle. Window tints can prevent the spray of glass altogether.

When your car windows are tinted and the glass breaks in a collision, the film holds the shards in place, so you don’t get sprayed with glass after a crash. And if your car is ever broken into, cleanup is much faster and easier because glass won’t be spread everywhere.

How to Ensure Your Window Tint is Legal

How dark you’re legally allowed to tint your car windows will vary from state to state, although most laws are similar. Enforcement of these laws usually includes a fine and an order to remove the tint from your windows.

The easiest way to ensure your window tint is within the law in your state is to get professional window tinting installation from a reputable automotive accessories store and technicians. Reputable people will stand by their work, so if there ever is an issue with your new tint, they’ll fix it free of charge.

It may be tempting to save a few dollars by applying window tint yourself, but if you do, you’ll be on the hook if you break the law because of it – and you’ll have to spend hours struggling with the film to get it just right. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy driving your car with newly-tinted windows rather than see every bubble or crease every time you climb inside your vehicle?

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