Top Reasons to Consider a Fleet of International Semi Trucks

It can be quite overwhelming to choose from a wide variety of truck manufacturers when you are thinking of purchasing a big rig to add to your fleet. To narrow down your options, you can consider getting the truck models offered by the manufacturers that have already established their name in the industry, such as International. This article lists down some of the reasons for you to consider acquiring an International semi truck to cater to your needs.

Fuel Economy

One of the primary reasons why you should consider going for an International semi truck model to add to your fleet is fuel economy. Most of the International semi for sale are built with a lightweight engine that not only allows you to save on fuel but also permits you to carry more cargo. This paves the way for an enhanced efficiency that leads to maximum profitability. The lightweight components of the truck also allow the driver to easily maneuver the big rig that they are driving.

Driver-Centric Design

Another reason why you should consider acquiring an International semi truck model when you think of adding a big rig to your fleet is the driver-centric design of the trucks. Most of the trucks released by International have ergonomically designed interiors that allow the drivers to have more space to move about. Even while driving, the seats of the trucks are designed to foster a great posture even when they need to spend long hours on the road.

Increased Uptime

The trucks of International are built not to be on the road or the worksite and not to be on the service bay. For this reason, you can expect that their models bring forth an increased uptime that eventually leads to productivity and profitability. Even the engines of their trucks are continually being innovated and re-engineered to withstand the test of time.


Finally, you should consider getting a truck from International because the models they offer are built to last, regardless of the number of driving miles completed. With a simplified design, even the repair of International semi trucks proves to be a breeze. The reason behind this is that the components and number of connections that need to be verified are reduced significantly. For this reason, even the maintenance process is greatly simplified. Rest assured that with proper maintenance, your International semi-truck will be able to last for a long time. So just make sure whenever you do need to drop it off for a couple of repairs, that the company is a well-rated and professional company, like Ferguson Truck Center for example. You can always browse online for examples and reviews as well to make sure you can trust whichever services you have chosen to use.

The Bottomline

While it is true that there are various truck manufacturers producing the best big rig models for you to choose from, you will never go wrong with acquiring an International semi truck even if you opt for a used one. Apart from fuel economy, International semi trucks also feature a driver-centric design that paves the way for increased uptime. The truck models are also built to withstand the test of time even if they are subjected to some of the most severe job conditions. All these are reasons for you to consider purchasing an International semi truck model to add to your fleet.

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