Understanding the Importance of SEO in Bangkok

Marketers in Bangkok understand how competitive acquiring and retaining customers is. Thai culture often promotes loyalty and familiarity, making Thais less fickle than other consumer groups. Additionally, the vast number of companies with similar products and services increases competition for consumers. Given these hurdles, it is clear that for businesses and marketers in Bangkok, SEO is necessary for growing and surviving in a competitive ecosystem.

But what exactly is strong SEO, and why does it matter so much? And why in Bangkok is SEO so valuable for brands? We will explore these topics and solutions to improve SEO in this article.


A common misconception is that SEO covers all aspects of appearing on search engine’s top page results. In reality, you can break down search engine results into two categories: organic results and paid results.

Paid results fall squarely in Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. Here marketers can bid and pay for keywords, so when users search the keywords a brand owns, their ad will appear atop the page. On Google, ads are designed to look like an organic search result, though eagle-eyed users will notice the “ad’ box in the top right corner of the box. 

SEM like this is a microcosm of some of the major issues small businesses face in Bangkok. Major companies with incredible marketing budgets will outbid and buy all relevant keywords surrounding a product or service and cut out small businesses, much like they do when it comes to retail space or above-the-line advertising.

SEO, in contrast, focuses on the organic search results that cannot be bought. Achieving a high page ranking organically is a testament to a strong understanding of a search engine and the best practices to grow reach.  

Why is SEO Necessary

In Bangkok, SEO can be the difference between your business thriving or folding. Given the realities explained above, it is imperative for your brand’s pages to appear on the top page of a search result. Most consumers are not willing to click beyond page one of a search engine’s results page as they believe that only the best brands will be ranked highly. 

So if you are in a competitive industry with major players buying up your preferred keywords and have a bevy of competitors jockeying for position on page 1, what can you do?

Invest in a Digital Marketing Agency

There is a reason that so many digital marketing agencies have opened in Bangkok over the past decade. Over time it has become abundantly clear that the only way to compete with the big players is to have strong SEO. But improving SEO is not as easy as it sounds. It involves the hard technical skills of knowing a search engine’s algorithm and the creative talent to make your website more attractive to said search engine. 

An agency will give you the backing of expert marketing trained in mastering SEO in Bangkok. They will optimize your pages and perform the necessary SEO steps to organically get your own page to the top of a page result. 

Here’s a tip from us – the best agency at SEO in Bangkok will be the one atop the search results when searching for one.

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