Becoming a Web Developer in 2021 and Beyond

person holding a computer mouse in a room

With circumstances more than desire driving the need to find ways to earn a living from home, getting into remote careers such as web design, crypto (more information at BeInCrypto) content writing, consulting, etc is something which more and more people are undoubtedly looking towards, a little more seriously. Let’s focus on programming for a bit, more specifically web development… even if programmers who code in languages such as Java, C, etc might argue that a web developer isn’t a programmer in the true sense of the word…

So certain remote careers such as content writing make for a natural choice, simply because they’re relatively easy to get into. Even for technical writing, which some can consider quite tough, all you need to do is understand the product you’re marketing. The art of enterprise technology copywriting isn’t about the technology, it’s about talking human to human. Once, you have enough details regarding the product, you’re good to go. I mean, you can learn about content writing (and web development) from home, at your own pace, via tutorials, textbooks made into e-books, and even through some video courses. Depending on which languages you seek to learn web development in, such as the LAMP stack, even the platforms on which you’d be writing and running your code are freely accessible.

So you can go from harbouring a desire to become a web developer, with no knowledge at all, to working on your very first remotely-won project, in no time at all.

This is not to say that learning how to develop web applications will in itself be easy – it’s not easy at all, in spite of the fact that many people are indeed choosing to go this route in establishing their remote working careers. If you are running a company that is established remotely, having remote workforce management means you can monitor your employees’ performance and give them feedback. It’s not easy and even though there are many people who identify as web developers, many of whom offer their services remotely, the field inevitably appears to be saturated.

At the end of the day a client who has no technical knowledge of the web design field might be happy with a website created using a WordPress template, a Wix site, etc, whereas you have more hard-coding knowledge than the developer who subsequently lands that particular project. So that’s the first place you need to look in order to have any chance of making a success out of exploring a career in web development, in 2021 and beyond.

First look at the market as it is, bearing in mind that clients spend their money with people who have some kind of credentials over those who can demonstrate to have knowledge.

Get busy building up a portfolio as part of the learning process, taking special note of emerging trends around what people will inevitably be spending their money on, in the near future.

You won’t go wrong focusing on something like the accessibility of the Edibles UK residents in their numbers are now taking more of an interest in, for instance. There’s no need to try and build your own e-commerce site that sells these and other types of trending items. Leave that to the pros, but it’ll do you a world of good to try and replicate the technology driving the likes of e-commerce platforms through which these in-demand goods are sold.

The same e-commerce site through which CBD edibles are sold could very well be used to sell something like your web development services, for instance, along with other peripheral services which complement modern-day web development.

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